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We have included a list of frequently asked questions below.
In addition you can call our friendly team on 1300 448 559 or email info@ucar.com.au

Am I eligible to drive UCAR?

If you are approved as a driver-partner of uberX in Australia, then you are eligible to apply for UCAR.
See uber’s website’s for uber eligibility – search for your city www.uber.com

How old do I need to be?

21 and above. See also ‘What type of licence do I need?’

What type of licence do I need?

Full Australian driver’s licence and have held that unrestricted licence for at least 12 months.

Do I need a good credit history?

Provided you are approved as a driver-partner for uberX in Australia, you qualify to apply for a UCAR.

What documents to I need?

Driver’s licence
Proof of current address
Proof uber has approved you to drive on the uberX platform in Australia

How long will it take to get the car?

Once approved you should be in your car within a few days.

What type of car will I get?

Either a maintained Toyota Camry or Corolla.

How many kilometres can I drive?

Toyota Corolla Limited Kilometers: You have 31,200 (600 per week) annualised kilometres per year.

Toyota Corolla Unlimited Kilometers: You have unlimited annualised kilometres.

Toyota Camry Unlimited Kilometers: You have unlimited annualised kilometres.

If you exceed these kilometer allowances you will be charged 10 cents per km. Excess kilometres are charged monthly based on a pro rata basis over the course of the year calculated by reference to actual kilometres year to date.

How much will it cost?

Please see our Homepage or call 1300 448 559 for our latest pricing.


What’s included?

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Registration
  • 4 replacement tyres
  • 24 hour roadside assistance

What’s not included?

  • e-tag charges(road tolls)
  • Infringements – parking and driver infringements
  • Unfair wear and tear if you have any
  • Fuel
  • Wiper replacement if needed

Where do I get my car serviced?

You are required to take your car to a Mycar Service Centre or other pre-authorized service provider. Provided the servicing costs are not due to your misuse of the car, UCAR will pay for these costs.

Am I allowed to use my car for personal use?


Can another person drive the car?

You can nominate a second driver to use the car for personal use, however only one uber driver-partner may use the car for uber trips.

What happens if I get parking or driving infringements?

Infringements of any kind incurred are the sole responsibility of the driver. Any infringements received by UCAR will be redirected to you and will attract a $25 processing fee.

How do I pay for ETAG use?

If you already have an e-tag you need to update the vehicle registration details with your e-tag provider or, alternatively, obtain a new e-tag in your relevant state. Any unpaid tolls and fines received by UCAR will be paid by UCAR and added to your account plus a $25 processing fee.

How do I update my contract details?

Can I purchase the car?

You may have the opportunity to purchase the car at the end of the rental agreement.

What am I liable for?

  • Unfair wear and tear (scratches, dints or similar)
  • Water damage
  • Overhead or underbody damage
  • Damage to a tyre or an accessory
  • Cost of replacing, if lost or stolen from the car, any accessory
  • Cost of professional cleaning or odour extraction due to the car being in unsuitable state or due to smoking
  • Lost key

How do I end the contract and are there any fees?

No fees! – Just notify us to work out a suitable termination appointment. We require 7 day’s notice before you return the vehicle. Return vehicle appointments are subject to availability from 9am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Do I have insurance cover?

Yes, provided you adhere to the conditions of the rental agreement you and any authorised driver are covered for personal and rideshare use.

What happens if I have an accident?

Call us on 1300 448 559 and our friendly team will be there to help from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. If you need assistance outside of these operating hours please check you UCAR drivers kit in the glove box for emergency contact numbers.

Is there an excess payment?

Aged 25 or above with 2 years or more of driving experience an excess of $1,000;
Aged 25 or above with less than 2 years of driving experience an excess of $1,300;
Aged 21 and under 25 with 2 years or more of driving experience an excess of $1,350;
Aged 21 and under 25 with less than 2 years of driving experience an excess of $1,650;

Are there any other payments required?

You will be responsible for any unfair and wear to the vehicle. Unfair and wear is damage to the car that is outside the tolerance limits as set out in the attached unfair wear and tear guide.

Click here to download Unfair Wear and Tear Guide.

UCAR will establish your own account that will go towards any unfair wear and tear or any overdue amounts to UCAR such as rental, fines and infringements. The funds for your account are collected over the first 5 weeks of the rental at a rate of $50 per week plus the initial bond payment of $250 approval being $500 in total (for rentals of 5 weeks or longer). The unused account balance is fully refundable to you at the end of the rental.